Cervecería Nacional Dominicana is the leading beer and malt producer in the Dominican Republic. Founded in 1929, it is also the foremost brewery in the Dominican Republic and the largest in both the Antilles and Central America with sales of 3.8 million hectoliters.

This company produces and markets several brands of beer, malt and rum, all of which are of top quality and taste. Its best known and most important beer in the portfolio is Presidente Beer, also Cervecería Nacional Dominicana’s leading product overall. The Dominican culture identifies strongly with this brand and is a part of Dominican life. Whether it is at a party, the beach, a baseball game, or a concert, Presidente is included in every celebration.

Cervecería Nacional Dominicana exports Presidente to numerous international markets, including the United States, Europe, as well as more than 20 countries in the Caribbean, allowing beer connoisseurs  to enjoy the true taste of the Caribbean across the globe.

Cervecería Nacional Dominicana is comprised of a diverse catalog of quality brands. In the lead are Presidente and Presidente Light. The beer unit also includes Bohemia Especial, Bohemia Light, Brisa and The One. In the Dominican Republic, the company distributes Miller Genuine Draft, Miller 64 and Corona. The malt unit includes the brands Malta Morena, Extracto de Malta Lowenbrau and Vitamalt Plus. The company also distributes Barceló Rum.

In 2011 Cervecería Nacional Dominicana started producing Presidente in Saint Vincent in order to serve the Caricom (Caribbean Community and Common Markets) markets, while also offering others top quality beer, malt, water and soft drinks brands to the CND beverages selection.

Cervecería Nacional Dominicana is certified ISO 9001/2000 and 14001/2004. These certifications are the result of the company’s success and ongoing commitment to high standards of quality and to the protection of the environment.

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Where to find it:

USA: Tennessee, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia.

Caribbean Region: Puerto Rico, Saint Martin, Haiti, Las Bahamas, Aruba, Curacao, US Virgin Islands, Tortola, Turks, Caicos, Dominican Republic, Antigua, San Andrés, British Virgin Islands, Martinique, Guadalupe.

Central America: Panama, Honduras

Europe: Germany, Spain, Andorra, Italy, Switzerland

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